Architects are not sure what to think about Artificial Intelligence. You are probably very familiar with how AI will change industries, like cybersecurity, medicine, and manufacturing. Well, how about architecture?

Yet even as AI evolves across other design-related industries, AI could prove to do more good than bad, tackling the mundane so that you can augment your creative process.

“Computers are not good at open-ended creative solutions; that’s still reserved for humans. But through automation, we’re able to save time doing repetitive tasks, and we can reinvest that time in design,” says Mike Mendelson instructor and curriculum designer at the Nvidia Deep Learning InstituteAs a refresher, Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that is able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

AI comes to these decisions by utilizing tons of data, and this is where AI can shine in architecture.Architects already use past construction, design, and building data to tackle new projects, however, for most designers and planners in the industry, this process is still in the dark ages.

The ability to utilize tons of previous data in a millisecond to enhance the architecture design process could work wonders.

Laying the Foundation
As hinted at above, AI’s ability to use data to make decisions, and recommendations will be crucial to the design process, especially in the early stage of an architects project.

For an architect, starting off a project requires countless hours of research, both of understanding the design intent of the project and of projects in the past. This is where AI steps in.

With AI’s ability to take limitless amounts of data, an architect could very easily go about researching and testing several ideas at the same time with ease; conceptual design with little to no use of the pen and the paper.

Imagine you need to design a family home. A task that is no easy feat, you need to think about the client’s need, expectations, and the design language. Not to mention you have to understand the laws that govern how you can construct the home.You have data about the family that include things like age, genders, the size of the family, etc.

With an AI system, an architect could pull all zoning data, building codes, and disabled design data, and generate design variations that also follow a certain design vocabulary and offer options.

Parametric Architecture
Parametric architecture is a buzzword that you have probably come across while delving into the world of architecture. It is a secret weapon for a lot of your favorite architects.

Parametric design is a design system that allows you to play with certain parameters to create different types of outputs, and create forms and structures that would not have otherwise been possible.

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